Business Continuity

Keeping the wheels of business in motion is why we offer our Business continuity services. Your Communication systems are key to the day to day running of your business so you need to protect them. The modern business need a business continuity plan in place and IPNW can help you draw up this plan and make sure all steps are in place for when something goes wrong after all 1 in 6 businesses in the UK will suffer a complete systems failure at some point.

Disaster can take the form of technological or hardware failure such as physical connectivity issues, or includes man-made disasters. We can draw up a plan for all these scenarios.

What if your have a fire or your cant access your building. IPWN can produce a complete telephony disaster recovery plan ensuring that you can limit any damage to your business. We can set up remote access to your telephony systems so you can operate from a second location, with multiple carrier routes and inbound/outbound number presentation. Alternatively IPNW can direct your telephone calls to another location ensuring you can still keep in contact with your clients and suppliers.

More importantly when you inform IPNW of a problem we have the expertise and resources to begin putting your business continuity plan into place and providing the relevant support.

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