Connected Offices: Multi-Tenant Internet

As a building manager, landlord, agent or developer, we understand the challenges you are likely to encounter regarding internet connectivity including:

  • Cumbersome processes to get super fast, business grade internet connectivity installed for tenants
  • Wayleave issues which can lead to significant delay in getting internet access arranged each time a tenant orders internet connectivity
  • Restrictive rights that Telecommunications Code Operators (e.g. BT, COLT) have once on premises
  • Pay business rates on empty units due to poor connectivity
  • Business tenants cannot move into building until there is super fast internet connectivity

Provide same-day telephone numbers to new tenants, local to your area.

Mirror your lease contract terms, and only use what bandwidth you need.

Fully Managed.  We look after the infrastructure, whilst you attract more tenants, without delays.

One Connection.  One Contract.  One Point Of Contact.

Multi-tenant Internet

You can trust IPNW to provide your properties with secure, reliable, flexible, scalable always on connectivity to help support and future proof your business requirements:

Attract new tenants and retain existing tenants by differentiating your properties with ultra-fast internet connectivity

Enable tenants to move in immediately and lease office space faster

Confidently meet future connectivity and bandwidth requirements of tenants, with a scalable on demand solution

Future-proof new office buildings with smart building technology from IPNW

Agree one master wayleave which covers current and future works

Improve your WiredScore certification

Enable tenants to seamlessly operate across multiple sites in a reliable and secure setting

Eliminate the risk of downtime

Plus much more…

Whether you require advice on Connectivity, moving to the Cloud, back up, storage or managed firewall services, we can devise a strategy specific to your business needs.

Occupy unlet office space faster

Reduce unoccupied office space and attract more prospective tenants with a quick turnkey connectivity solution, taking the burden and hassle out of a tenants move, and start making revenue quicker.

IPNW will cable your premises to allow full connectivity to our managed multi-tenant internet feed.  This will include a full range of new switching equipment to be managed by IPNW.  Once the internet feed is installed (This initial install could take several weeks to install), you have an always on and scalable connection to offer to your new and existing tenants.

No more issues with tenants making their own arrangements to install their own services, meaning you lose control over who has what access into YOUR building, and no more delays for prospective tenants moving in, and no long-term contracts that they have to sign-up to.

We can increase/decrease your bandwidth requirements on the fly, so should there be a short term need for a tenant to change their connection speed, this is available to them without having to re-negotiate contract terms, and best of all, we will mirror their connection contract in-line with their tenancy, so they are only contracted to the services for the duration of their stay.

Once the service is installed in your building, new tenants can be on the internet the very next working day!

Additional Services

We provide multiple IP addresses to a site as standard to accomodate the number of office spaces available throughout the building (one IP per tenant), and further IP addresses can be ordered on demand.  Sometimes customers may have their own equipment that they wish to manage themselves, and others may want a fully managed internet feed – we can cater for both, with either full passthrough of the connection, without any natting, or self-isolated natted networks complete with DHCP and port forwarding.

As simple as 1-2-3*

Initial tenant interest in office

*subject to IPNW services being installed and active in your building