Dialler Systems


IPNW have partnered with X-Dial Dialler to offer the complete call centre solution for our clients. X-Dial is an industry leading Dialler that can increase the productivity of your call centre, X-Dial is completely scalable and can easily grow with your business.

We have been working with X-Dial for some time now and due to customer feedback as of this year we are now official X-Dial partners providing full install and support services for their call centres.

The Full X-Dial suite can run inbound, outbound and blended dialling campaigns simultaneously allowing call centres to maximise agent productivity through the skills based rooting and predictive dialling functionality. The Auto Dialler also comes with a built in CRM to handle all of your customer information or we can even install X-Dial to work with your existing CRM and data.



X-Dial provides the full call centre solution for any size call centre with complete scalability X-Dial can help your call centre grow and become more productive and cost effective. X-Dial is used in call centres across the UK from small 10 seat call centres to large corporate contact centres and can be easily integrated to work with your in house systems and CRM’s.

The development team at X-Dial built the Suite supported by our services to be scalable from the beginning which enables us both to easily add different modules and resources as your needs require which ensures that you only pay for the features you need. Your system can grow with your call centre. Out of the box X-Dial offers an excellent call centre solution but when we set up custom campaigns and settings for your call centre X-Dial becomes the perfect call centre solution ensuring that you maximise your ROI by increasing agent productivity and lowering your costs. Today’s call centres need to be streamlined operations that deal with the job at hand which is customer interaction. X-Dial offers a variety of solutions to benefit your call centre.

Visit the XDial site to learn more